We knew Global visa service from our friends. When our ideal majour is the design and the media and we intend to go to the best university, therefore it comes with twists and turns. We got refused by Australian National University, meanwhile we need to change our majour. Global efficiently transfer us to UTS and successfully got their offer. But they still strive to get the offer from ANU for our ideal majour. It turns out ANU made the mistake in the first place and we could finally get the offer for our majour. However, the twists led to the limited time for visa application, which is less than one month.

It surprised me how capable the Global visa sector is. They turned in all my documents and got my visa approved in two weeks. In the process of application, Jessica assisted me in application with attention to detail. I am very grateful that Global has dedicate so much into my case and We can never get into our ideal university without their help!

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