I came here from Malaysia a year ago. After graduated from High School in Malay I decided came to Australia. At beginning, I was attracted by the beautiful scenery. But then I was impressed by the advanced education knowledge and ideas in this country. 

Since then, i decided to stay in Australia and learn some advance knowledge here. After i told my decision to my friends,they recommended Global to me. They told me the services from Education Division are free. Holding a skeptical attitude, i made an appointment with Hunter, the Education Consultant Manager. In the first consultation, Mr Hunter fully explain the education system to me. Besides, based on my circumstance he also provide me several course plan to me. Right after the consultation i sign the agency agreement with Hunter, coz i think he is super amazing.

After Hunter arrange the course for me, Jessica from visa division took my case and help me to do the student visa application. 

One thing i would like to point out is all the employees in Global are very passionate, patient and willing to help us. Thank you so much Global, i will recommend you guys to my friends. 


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