Miss Pang

 Global, I define it as a company full of passion, hope, dream and mission.

They helped too many customers to solve their problems. Unlike other migration, education agency, Global has professional perspective and sensitivity and they know how to listen and provide thoughtful services.

In June of this year, my nephew wants to apply for the High School in Sydney. The education consultant Hunter helped us set a study plan after he comprehends my nephew’s situation. Then, Jessica is responsible for the follow up. I got a very detailed check list of required materials. In accordance with the instructions, after a while we got the school offer. And I bought the fly ticket for my nephew at 21st September, since the school start on 9th October, at the time we purchased fly ticket we haven’t got the visa.

Thus, I asked Jessica if she could help us to push the visa. We understand we shouldn’t booked the fly ticket at that time, cause normally the visa issued two weeks ahead the start date. However, they helped us to write two email letters to Immigration Office and explain our situation. Eventually, 3 hour before the departure time, we got the visa. When Global called us, we could felt their happy and excited.

When people seeking for education agency and lawyers, they must have certain demand. Just like patient looking for doctor. Rather than the drug, the clients need patient communication and companionship.

Thank you Global, always stand in our shoes, helped us to solve the problems.


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