Miss A

Today I just want to say I’m very lucky and appreciate to have Global help me with my daughter’s visa!

Due to various reasons, our visas including my daughter’s visa were refused. At that time,my daughter has started her study at USYD already.However,my daughter couldn’t complete her study successfully if she has no valid visa. But if she goes back to China,she couldn’t attend high school examination either which means she has no further study she could process.As a mother, I was so worried and sad.

When we lost the hope,my friend introduced me to Global. Based on the successful cases that Global has done, I chose Global without hesitation.

When I recalled one Friday when I came to Global seeking for help, Grace knew this case was urgent and put as priority but it was suppose to be her management time on Friday actually. After two and half hours, Grace helped us come out with two solutions. Option A she asked Global registered education consultant Kris to apply the shortest term during our appeal for school applications. On the other side,Grace asked registered migration agent Tina help us apply for student visa. In the following one month,they did our case very carefully and discussed details with us repeatedly. Kris helped my daughter apply three schools and all of them gave my daughter offers. Also, UTS has given out 10 thousand scholarship to my daughter.

On 25th June,my daughter departed Australia at the same time Tina has submitted her student visa;

On 2nd July, immigration office has notified my daughter to do body check;

On 3rd July,my daughter completed her body check;

On 5th July,my daughter’s student visa has been granted!

Only ten days,we received the best outcome for us!I don’t know what to do to express my appreciation but thank you Global! You are definitely the most valuable person in my life! 

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