Real Story behind “agent blacklist” in Australia

Recently 21 Migration lawyers and Migration agents was on a “agent concern list”, their competitors defamed them, by call the list, a “agent blacklist”. On 5th September, The Immigration and Border Protection has clarified such defamation on their website, pointed out those migration agents on the list, are specialised in complex partner visa applications, rather than bad agents.

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Statement on triaging applications
Migration agents specialise in providing advice to clients in complex situations. The list was previously used within the temporary or provisional Partner visa caseload to help triage and streamline the allocation of applications to officers of appropriate seniority, depending on the complexity of the case.

Triaging applications based on complexity did not impact on visa decision-making. Triaging applications to ensure an efficient management of caseloads relies on a wide range of factors. Each application is assessed strictly on its merits, according to legislative requirements, and using the information provided in the application.

This list and any other version of the list was removed from use between August and October 2013.

No inference or interpretation should be drawn on the basis of inclusion on the list.

Information on registered migration agents can be found at the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority website at

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