Skill Point Test

年龄   Age 分数    Point
18-24 25
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-44 15
45-49 0
英文程度   English Test
雅思普通类每项6分   IELTS-G Band 6 in each subject 0
雅思普通类每项7分   IELTS-G Band 7 in each subject 10
雅思普通项每类8分   IELTS-G Band 8 in each subject 20
澳大利亚工作经验分   Australian Working Experience
澳大利亚一年工作经验   One year working experience 5
澳大利亚三年工作经验   Three years working experience 10
澳大利亚五年工作经验   Five years working experience 15
澳大利亚八年工作经验   Eight years working experience 20
海外工作经验分   Overseas Working Experience
海外三年工作经验  Three years working experience 5
海外五年工作经验  Five years working experience 10
海外八年工作经验  Eight years working experience 15
教育背景分   Education Background
澳大利亚/海外博士学位  Australian/Overseas Doctor Degree 20
澳大利亚/海外本科学位  Australian/Overseas Bachelor Degree 15
或者本科+硕士/荣誉学位  or Bachelor+Master/Honours Degree
澳大利亚职专  Australian Diploma/Trade Qualification 10
评估机构认可的职业资格  Qualification or Award by Assessing Authorities
两年以上STEM相关专业的研究型硕士或博士课程  A Masters degree by research or a Doctorate degree  that included at least 2 academic years study in a relevant field 10
澳大利亚两年学习背景   Meet the Australian study requirement 5
澳大利亚专业年  Completion of Professional Year in Australia 5
澳大利亚三级笔译/二级口译证书  Qualification in a Credentialled Community Language 5
澳大利亚偏远地区学习   Study in Regional Australia 5
单身/配偶技能   Partner Skills
单身/配偶是澳大利亚永居或公民   Single/Partner is an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident 10
配偶在45岁以下, 雅思有6分, 职业在职业清单上, 通过职业评估   Partner is under 45, had competent English, a skilled occupation and had a skill assessment
配偶雅思有6分    Partner had competent English 5
澳大利亚州/地区政府担保   Sponsored by Australian State government 5
澳大利亚边远地区提名/边远地区家庭成员担保   Nominated by Australian Regional Area/Sponsored by Family Members in Regional Area  15
通过分   Pass Point 65分即可申请移民   You can lodge an EOI when you reach 65 points