Employer Sponsorship

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Employer sponsorship

For lawfully operating Australian businesses, or overseas businesses establishing an Australian entity or to fulfil a contractual obligation, to sponsor temporary overseas employees.

Employer nomination

For businesses to nominate positions to be filled by a skilled overseas worker. Details of the vacant position and the skills and experience required by the employee who will fill the position are provided at this stage.

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Primary) (subclass 457)

For people applying to be sponsored by an Australian or overseas business to fill a skilled position in Australia.

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (Subsequent Entrant) (subclass 457)

For family members of a subclass 457 visa holder.

Permanent Sponsored Visa – Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

If you are an employer who wishes to sponsor an overseas skilled worker for a permanent visa in a permanent role or sponsor an existing employee that currently is in your employment on a 457 visa then the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) will provide a suitable solution.

The process consists of two separate applications, the nomination application and the visa application.



A nomination must be lodged by the Australian business demonstrating that the entity is a lawful and actively operating business that will be the direct employer of the overseas skilled worker. The business must also have a good business and training record and show that it complies with immigration laws and no adverse information is known about the business practices of the entity or any of its office holders.

The business must supply details of nominated position for approval by DIAC. The position must be available for a period of 3 years. The nominated position must be a skilled position that appears on Australia ’s
Employer Nomination Skilled Occupation List (ENSOL).

Once the nomination has been approved the nomination will need to be used within 6 months from grant or the nomination will expire.


Once a nomination application has been lodged an overseas skilled worker can lodge a permanent visa application. There are three pathways to apply under the ENS program:

  • Highly Paid
  • Highly Skilled
  • Work Experience

An applicant will need to demonstrate their eligibility to meet the criteria of one of the pathways and provide the necessary supporting evidence including relevant qualifications or work experience to match the nominated position and demonstrate that they meet the health and character requirements for the visa and possess the required English language skills.

If you would like to check your business’s eligibility to lodge a valid nomination or if you are a visa applicant, your eligibility to apply for a visa under the ENS program please Please contact our Registered Migration Agents.

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