Global Membership Card

How to get your membership card for life

All clients applied for a course more than 26 weeks via Global or used Global paid visa service, are entitle to a GLOBAL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP CARD.


Facebook Activation

Login to your Facebook accont to Global-Edu Immi Law and write a 30 words review

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Email your picture and 30 words review to

Benefits of membership card:

This card only applies to you, your spouse, your parents and your children.

  1. First time Visa consultation free(normal price $55/ first 30 mins).
  2. First time Legal consultation free(normal price $180/ first 30 mins).
  3. All Visa and Legal Service 10% OFF.

If you need a Membership Card to be posted to you, as a previous client. Please feel free to contacet us on 9281-6299 or

You will also receive one of the following gifts from Global.

mugs mousepad      

   hats     bags

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