Appeal Successful Cases

Mr. G. Singh  View Grant Letter

May 2007,Mr. Singh Came to Global as his student visa had been cancelled 6 months ago;

as he did not notify school with his new address, he did not received the Section 20 warning letter;

Global obtanied a bridge visa for him, before submit to DIAC to get his student visa back;

3 months, later, his student visa had been obtained,

Mr. J. Singh    View Grant Letter

30 March 2010, Carrick Institute certify him not meet academic requirement.

15 April 2010 Mr. Singh received a section 20 letter, to notify him to intend to cancel his student visa under section 137J.

19 April 2010, our immigration lawyer, Mr, Rhys Strang write to DIAC to explain special circumstance, despite DIAC insist
there is ground to cancel his student visa, however Case Officer in DIAC finally took Rhys’s advice not to cancel his student
visa. Mr. Singh obtained PR via Global, and now operate his own restaurant.

Mr. H Singh    View Grant Letter 

Mr. Singh’s student visa had been cancelled in 2007, but he was not aware, He still stay in Australia didn’t go to school but work everyday.

14 October 2008 our migration agent Ms Grace Shen write to DIAC to revoke his student visa. in our submission, DIAC believed that
Mr, Singh in fact did not breach the condition 8202 of his student visa.

He has since completed his course, and we had applied for his PR in 2011.

Mr. Wang   View Grant Letter

            1 May 2008 He had been granted a student visa to come Australia for study translating and interpreting.
4 August 2010 His school issued him a section 20 letter, to warn that his student visa will be cancelled within 28 days. Our immigration lawyer, Mr. Rhys Strang represent his case in front of DIAC. DIAC took our lawyer’s opinion that, his school (APEI) did not follow legislative procedure to allow him access appeal before issue the final student visa cancellation notice.

DIAC decided not to cancel his student visa.

              She enrolled in SIIT, after 2 weeks, she realized that she is not suitable to study this course;

She talk to college to change school, SIIT refused; School said she can leave after 6 months;

She lost interest to continue in this course, she absent a lot;

SIIT sent her Section 20 letter, without any warning.

Global complaint to DIAC, her visa was not cancelled, also Global change college for her during the process.

She now is very happy studying Accounting course in Curtin Sydney.

Ms. Huang  View Grant Letter

16 Nov 2010 She received a section 20 letter from SIBT, to notify her academic performance failed to meet student visa requirement, (condition 8202, over 50% of her subjects failed in first 2 semesters).in fact, all 8 subjects she study in SIBT for first 2 semesters, she only passed 1 subject.

Our immigration lawyer, Mr Rhys Strang represent her case in DIAC explanation process.

DIAC finally decided not to cancel her student visa within 28 days.  She has since graduated from Macquarie University after 2.5 years.

            on May 2011, She had argue with school teacher, been kicked out of class a few times after that;

Since then, all her subjects failed by the school AIT.

College ask her to pay all tuition fee, before can release her to another college; she refused to pay;

College report her to DIAC to cancel her student visa, based on poor performance;

Global took on her case within 28 days, submit to DIAC by Migration Agent Grace SHEN
5 working days later,DIAC decided not to cancel her student visa.

Now she is a student, who persuant her career dream as a film director.

Ms. Jingjing study bachelor of Commerce the third year in UTS, In 2013 She received a warning letter to notify the exclusion of 1 year from      UTS due to her poor academic performance in UTS. This means she cannot graduate on time and also she will have to graduate from less famous university in Australia, not UTS, the one she loved and work hard for 2.5 years.

our immigration lawyer write to UTS, win the appeal on her behalf.

she had been graduated from UTS, and obtained PR through Global. Currently, She works as an accountant in Australia.

Mr. Lu is going to graduate from UTS in June 2013, however due to his poor academic result, UTS decided to exclude him permanently in Feb 2013.

If he does not win in the internal appeal, his study in UTS for the last 3 years would means nothing to him. Also he has to find an university would like to enrol him in the middle of the semester to allow him complete his bachelor of engineering course.

Our immigration lawyer Rhys Strang write to UTS within the required timeframe. UTS eventually accepted the reason we put forward, and allow him to complete his course in June 2013

Mr. SUVO  View Grant Letter

On 29 June 2007, Mr. SUVO received section 20 letter from his education provider , which school complaint that his attendance was 58% during term 2 of his study.

On 1 Oct 2007, Mr. SUVO came to see us.

On 2 Oct 2007, we lodged application for restate his student visa,

On 8 Oct 2007, we obtian student visa for this client.

Mr. Pan    View Grant Letter

       Mr Pan received notification of exclusion from his course: Bachelor of Business, on the date of 16/12/2013.
       Mr Pan began his study on 04/02/2013, but due to his poor academic performance (he studied for 2 semesters, and failed 3
subjects out of 4 in each semester); consequently, UTS sent him the exclusion letter and warned to report to Immigration to
cancel his student visa, from which he thought he had little chance to turn the situation.
       On 23/01/2014, our immigration lawyer Mr Rhys Strang wrote to UTS, acting for Mr Pan’s internal appeal with detailed and
flawless explanation.  UTS finally accepted the reason that Rhys put forward and Mr Pan is now able to continue his bachelor
study again and able to fulfil his migration dream upon completion.

Mr. Wang    View Grant Letter

13 December 2012 Mr. Wang received a section 20 letter, intend to cancel his student visa due to his academic performance in ANU.
Our immigration lawyer Mr. Rhys Strang act on his behalf to response to DIAC on 28 December 2012.

DIAC point out that there is ground to cancel his visa, however the evidence provided by Mr. Rhys Strang, has convinced
him, that Mr. Wang was effected by exceptional circumstance behind his control.

Therefore, DIAC  decided not to cancel his student visa on 28 Feb 2013.

Ms. Yip    View Grant Letter

        On 06/12/2011Ms Yip had been granted a student visa for studyingBachelor of Environments in Melbourne University.

        O n 03/04/2013 she received a section 20 letter from Melbourne University, to notify her academic performance failed to meet student visa requirement, (she has all the 8 subjects in her 2012 enrolment).
        Our immigration lawyer, Mr Rhys Strang took responsibility for her case, representing on her behalf in Immigration department explanation process.

Immigration Department side finally decided not to cancel her student visa on 16/05/2013 and in this way Ms Yip is able to continue her study in Melbourne University.

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