I came here from Malaysia in this year August. I came to Australia to have a holiday and also seek for study plan and make some tours to different language colleges in Sydney, Australia.I consulted some local education agency to seek for advice. Eventually, I decided to point Global as my education agency cause I was impressed by their passionate and professionalism.

My consultant told me holding visitor visa I can only study really short English course which will make no difference. My consultant asked me to go for a placement test to check my English level; it turns out longer study for English is necessary.

By the same token, my consultant told me that I was eligible to apply for the right student visa onshore which is more time and money saving and I can start my study as soon as possible. My consultant also recommended AOIC to me.What interested me most is the course design and structure. The course is designed to focus on the 4 most important in English which are listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

This course really helped me a lot. The general English course AOIC provides is for basic daily use and at the meantime strengthening grammar and learning new vocabulary which is most appropriate for me. I sincerely thank the thoughtful services Global provided to me.

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