A brief introduction to the parenting welfare in Australia

A brief introduction to the parenting welfare in Australia

At the moment when giving birth to children, the hospital would give the parents a form which includes the signature of doctors indicating the birth of the child. The Welfare included in this form is listed as bellow:

Maternity allowance:

This is a one-off allowance valued at $5000; everyone would have the right to get it.
Family tax benefit part A:
This is valid to all the family with children. When the family income is lower than $4,000, the family would then be able to get it all. Then with the increasing of the income this allowance would gradually decrease accordingly (every time there will be a reduction of 20cents for the allowance when the family income increases 1 dollar after the bench mark above )
For Children under 13: $140.84/2 weeks; children under 13-15: $179.76/2 weeks; children under 16-17: $45.36/2 weeks; children under 18-24: $61.04/2weeks.

Family tax benefit part B:
This is only provided to family within which there is just one parent who has income. When the other parent’s income is lower than $4,234 a year then a full allowance would be issued. For the child under 5: $120.96/2weeks; 5-15: $84.28/2weeks.
Child care benefit:
This is for childcare, which means that this allowance would not be paid directly to the family. When the income of the family is lower than $98,345 (one child), $106,629 (2 children) $121,130 (3 children or more with each one more child the bench mark increasing $20,221), this allowance will then be valid. The maximum payment is $ 2.96/hr.

Maternity Immunisation Allowance:
This is the fee for immunisation, valued at $227.90. When the child finishes his or her immunisation injections, this allowance would be made to the parent one-off.

Parenting payment:
This is for the low income family with kids under 6 years old. And the applicant must be Australian PR for at least 2 years time; The family bank deposit should not be over $346,000 (without house)/$229,000 (with houses); also, the main applicant’s income cannot be over : $726.34/2weeks, and the income of the spouse cannot be over: $1360.00/2weeks, with the combining income not being over $1453.34/2weeks. The allowance of the parenting payment is $379.80/2weeks.
Health care card:

If you’ve got the full FTB A, you would then automatically get the Health care card, which enables discounts when medicine purchases are made.
Rent Assistance:

If you rent houses, and you are eligible for FTB, you could then get this Rent Assistance Allowance.
For more welfare information, please dial:02-9281 6299.

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